Holt Family!

Hey everyone! This is the Holt Family! You may recognize Keli from the previous post. I photographed her and her family the day after we took her senior pictures! I had so much fun hangin' out we these guys. The beautiful girl, that you may notice was the star of so many of the photos below, is Keli's sister, Kat!!

I am out of town right now and probally will not be back until Saturday. I am checking my email and taking calls, so don't worry! Just wanted to let everyone know what was happening over here at SB!! There will be some great new stuff as soon as I get back in town, like.....A NEW BLOG & WEBSITE!!! I am so excited, so keep coming back!!


Beautiful Keli!!!

This is Keli! My very first 2010 senior! We had so much fun, and it was a beautiful evening for pictures. I know this is a huge post, and I started thinking to myself, "Should I really put up this many pictures...hardly anyone else posts this many pictures." Then I decided...I don't care...I want to! So here they are, all 24! I just love them too much not to put them up! I also photographed Keli's entire family this evening, so keep a lookout for those in the next few days! Enjoy!


South Tejas!!

John and I went on a quick trip down to South Texas last week! We went to Kingsville, Loyola Beach, Riviera Beach, Falfurrias, Laredo, Eagle Pass and Del Rio. We spent one night at El Tule Ranch in Falfurrias. John is a writer and he was interviewing the ranch manager for a story, and I got to tag along. It's a beautiful ranch and the main house was awesome! It was designed by Lake-Flato Architects, my favorite architecture firm! It was so much fun and these are a few of the images from our trip!